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02/11/2022 Micar21

Micar Innovation - part of AI-based Drug Discovery Market (2nd Edition)

AI-based Drug Discovery Market (2nd Edition): Distribution by Drug Discovery Steps (Target Identification / Validation, Hit Generation / Lead Identification, Lead Optimization), Therapeutic Area (Oncological Disorders, CNS Disorders, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory Disorders, Cardiovascular Disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Immunological Disorders, Dermatological Disorders and Others) and Key Geographies (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, MENA, and RoW): Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2022-2035

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04/01/2022 Micar21

13 Top Biotechnology Startups and Companies in Bulgaria

Thank you for selecting us as one of the top Biotechnology Startups in Bulgaria.

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07/12/2021 Micar21

The High Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron (B.1.1.529) Variant is Not Only Due to Its hACE2 binding: A Free Energy of Perturbation Study

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26/11/2021 Micar21

Мутациите на новия Ковид-19 вариант B.1.1.529 променят вируса до неузнаваемост

22/11/2021 Micar21

Our manuscript "N501Y and K417N Mutations in the Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 Alter the Interactions with Both hACE2 and Human-Derived Antibody: A Free Energy of Perturbation Retrospective Study" accepted in Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling

20/11/2021 Micar21

Invest Bulgaria Agency is organising a webinar “Investment Destination Bulgaria – Biotechnologies"

On 23 November (11-12 am EET, UTC +2), Invest Bulgaria Agency is organising a webinar “Investment Destination Bulgaria – Biotechnologies" to promote Bulgaria as a desirable destination for business and innovations in biotech!

Topics to be discussed:
- The investment climate in Bulgaria. The advantages provided by the incentive measures to promote the investments and the state mechanisms for their implementation
- The first Bio Centre in Bulgaria; Creation of sustainable regional innovative ecosystems
- A code of ethics for the life sciences; Education and Technology Transfer
- An inside look into venture build studios
- AI – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare & Life Sciences; Mapping the Bulgarian health & life sciences ecosystem

With Stamen Yanev, Dimitar Dimitrov, Spas Kerimov, @VenrizeAcademy @Kaloyan Ratchev, Maria Hristova, Violeta Zaharieva and Kristina Eskenazi

12/10/2021 Micar21

Micar21 publish: The R346K Mutation in the Mu Variant of SARS-CoV-2 Alter the Interactions with Monoclonal Antibodies from Class 2: A Free Energy of Perturbation Study

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26/12/2020 Micar21

Micar21 publish: The N501Y and K417N mutations in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 alter the interactions with both hACE2 and human derived antibody: A Free energy of perturbation study

Download full manuscript (PDF 0.9MB)

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18/05/2020 Micar21

Micar Innovation is One of 230 Companies listed in Nielsen Reports Study "Global Artificial Intelligence In Drug Discovery Market - Trends, Insights & Forecasts (2019-2026)"

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery Market to Reach USD 2.13

18/05/2020 Micar21

Micar Innovation ( is one of the 8 companies in the world using ...

The report of AI Venture Labs states that Micar Innovation ( is one of the 8 companies in the world using artificial intelligence, which has developed in the field of discovery of new drug molecules in the fight against COVID-19

Micar Innovation ( is one of the 8 companies in the world using ...

24/04/2020 Micar21

ОТВОРЕНО ПИСМО До: Г-н Бойко Борисов Министър-председател на Република България

Относно: Право на отговор във връзка с изявление на Министър-председателя на Република България по време на проведена пресконференция от дата 23.4.2020 г.


21/04/2020 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) part of European Healthcare Startup Ecosystem

Micar Innovation (Micar21) part of European Healthcare Startup Ecosystem

20/04/2020 Micar21

Bulgarian co-virus molecule maker steps up research, attracts foreign investor interest

Micar Innovation (Micar21) discovers three new promising molecules to attack COVID-19 as Bulgarian government is slow to support what may be the greatest achievement in the country's modern science history.

Download ... steps up research, attracts foreign investor interest
24/03/2020 Micar21

Bulgarian biotech startup close to breakthrough in COVID-19 treatment efforts

As a vaccine is not available and the number of coronavirus patients worldwide is growing by the hour, Micar Innovation ( may hold the key to defeating the 2020 pandemic.

Download Bulgarian biotech startup close ...
19/03/2020 Micar21

Micar21 Scientific Approach

Download Micar21 Scientific Approach Download Micar21 Scientific Approach Presentation
18/03/2020 Micar21

Предложение на Micar21 към Българската научна общност

Изтегли Предложение на Micar21 към научната общност
16/03/2020 Micar21

How Micar21 fight COVID-19

Download How Micar21 fight COVID-19
15/03/2020 Micar21

Снимки на вируса на COVID-19

Изтегли снимка 1 Изтегли снимка 2 Изтегли снимка 3
13/03/2020 Micar21

Нов ускорен план на действие за разработка на лекарство за COVID-19

12/03/2020 Micar21

Micar21 Scientific strategy - 3 ways / approaches - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Download Micar21 scientific strategy text
12/03/2020 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) currently develop a set of new bioactive molecules against COVID-19.

Micar Innovation (Micar21) currently develop a set of new bioactive molecules against COVID-19. We have already designed a lead compound, which is a CCR5 antagonist and can prevent the entry of HIV into cells. However, for COVID-19 the ACE2 is the membrane protein analog of CCR5 responsible for the virus accumulation. Thus, we also perform FEP+ lead optimization of an ACE2 inhibitor. Finally, it seems that the SLC6A19 is also important factor and we use our SLC6A5 (GlyT2) and SLC6A14 leads and try to transform them into selective SLC6A19 transporter inhibitor.

We look for urgent investments and collaboration in this ambitious project. (please contact: +359888531345 / )

11/03/2020 Micar21

Micar21 научна стратегия за коронавируса.

Изтегли научната стратегия
09/03/2020 Micar21

Press release: Bulgarian Innovative Company Micar Innovation (Micar 21) with a breakthrough in a fight with COVID-19

Detection of the first class of CCR5 / 7 dual antagonists for COVID-19.

Micar21 aimed to identify the first in class dual CCR5/CCR7 small molecule antagonists. The company used intensive MD simulations (many1 µs runs) to obtain the CCR7 structure and also those of the ligand-CCR5 and 7 complexes ...

Download Press release Изтегли Прес релийз Download Science presentation Download Business presentation
08/03/2020 Micar21

Мицар Иновейшън (Micar21) валидира нова молекула за лекарство срещу коронавирус"

Мицар Иновейшън (Micar21), победител в Конкурса "Иновативно предприятие на годината 2018", обяви, че вече е открила и усъвършенства нова лекарствена молекула, която предпазва здравите Т клетки от вирусна инфекция, като блокира преобладаващия подтип на Коронавирус (Мутацията CCR5-A32) да влезе в тези клетки. За целите на създаването на ефективна малка лекарствена молекула, е използвана комбинация от компютърно генерирани модели, които ускоряват процеса в пъти, и редица биологични тестове проведени в реномирани лаборатории в чужбина.

Micar 21 е идентифицирала малка молекула, който е двоен антагонисти на рецепторите CCR5 и CCR7. Това са вид протеини, които са важни за действието и разпространяването на вируса.

"Още преди два месеца нашите учени са открили лекарствена молекула, която е тествана и валидирана в световно известни лаборатории в Франция и САЩ. В момента подобряваме лекарствената субстанция и се предвижда тя да влезе в болниците за клинични изпитания до месеци", се казва в съобщението на компанията.

Micar 21 търси партньорство и финансиране на целия процес за откриване на лекарствена молекула.

06/03/2020 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) is part of 16 Deep Tech Startups From The Balkans To Watch In 2020 by Trending Topics"

Micar Innovation (Micar21): Dubbing itself as a ‘factory for discovering new drug molecules’, Micar Innovation has been focusing on non-clinical Proofs-of-Concept (PoCs) in the preclinical R&D field and Hit-to-Lead (H2L) projects in fields such as neurology, oncology, the cardiovascular system, dermatology, and rare diseases. ...

7/01/2020 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) is part of this report by fDi x TNW: TECH CITIES OF THE FUTURE 2020 (Sofia transforming into a major tech hub!) Download PDF report... Read more...

05/03/2020 Micar21

Micar Innovation is One of 198 Companies listed in Roots Analysis Study on "In Silico / Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Services Market: Focus on Large Molecules (Antibodies, Proteins, Peptides, Nucleic Acid, Gene Therapy and Vectors), 2020-2030 (Including Structure Based Drug Discovery, Fragment Based Drug Discovery, Ligand Based Drug Discovery, Target Based Drug Discovery, Interface Based Drug Discovery Approaches)"

Micar Innovation is a "factory" for discovering new drug molecules. The company has found a niche to create big public impact ...

15/02/2020 Micar21

Our manuscript "An Improvement of the Free Energy Perturbation (FEP+) Sampling Protocol in Case of Flexible protein Ligand Binding Sites" accepted in Nature Scientific Reports

13/11/2019 Micar21

Interview: Dimitar Dimitrov - Bloomberg TV Bulgaria: What is the route of new drug?

22/05/2019 Micar21

Our manuscript "Discovery of GlyT2 Inhibitors using Structure-based Pharmacophore Screening and Selectivity studies by FEP+ Calculations" accepted in ACS Med. Chem. Letters

07/03/2019 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) is the winner of а prestigious award: "Investor of the year 2018” success startup

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Borisov handed award: "Investor of the year 2018" success startup to Dimitar Dimitrov ...

12/02/2019 Micar21

Micar Innovation ( listed in Deep Knowledge Analytics report:

AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D Landscape / 2018 Q2 and 2018 Q4 ...

08/02/2019 Micar21


The President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev handed Excellence in Innovation label to Filip Fratev. ...

06/12/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) is the winner of а prestigious award for “Innovative startup enterprise of the year” 2018

The National Competition "Innovative Enterprise of the Year" annually awards Bulgarian enterprises with successfully implemented innovative products, processes, services and practices on the Bulgarian and world markets ...

05/12/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation is One of 250 Companies listed in Roots Analysis Study on "Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Services Market 2018-2030"

Micar Innovation is a "factory" for discovering new drug molecules. The company has found a niche to create big public impact ...

18/10/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) listed in A Map of AI Startups in Drug Discovery:

This map below is to illustrate the diversity of use cases for AI adoption in a typical pharmaceutical R&D process. . ....

Visit Map of AI Startups in Drug Discovery:
27/08/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) listed as a Emerging Players in study on 'Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Services Market, 2018-2030 - Roots Analysis

As a result, players offering novel in silico drug discovery services ...

01/08/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) is part of organizers of new Bulgarian Health & Life Sciences cluster

The Bulgarian Health & Life Sciences cluster ecosystem comprises several stakeholders from academia, the public sector, and the private sector. The principal idea is to facilitate open collaboration and to accelerate innovation by bringing together various partners able to contribute to the needs of the health care sector. ....

Visit new Bulgarian Health & Life Sciences cluster
01/08/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) listed in new project of Bulgarian Ministry of Economy & Besco

Innovative Bulgarian companies & organizations. Some of these companies are global leaders in their own category, some are fresh startups. ....

Visit project:
21/05/2018 Micar21

Publication for Micar Innovation in

CIDIC (European Centre for Economic, Academic and Cultural Diplomacy) - Diplomatic, Economic, Academic, and Cultural (DEAC) mission to Sofia, 23-26 April 2018, in cooperation with UNICA and BACES, VUB-Brussels Diplomatic Academy and Diplomatic World

MICAR INNOVATION is a drug discovery factory. The company has found a niche where it is able to create a large societal impact by improving the quality of life through new blockbuster drug molecules for a large class of diseases....

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24/04/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) has been awarded a “European CIDIC Award”

The CIDIC jury, composed of its board of directors, professors of the Vrij Universiteit Brussel (VUB), representatives of the Bulgarian Embassy in Brussels, is pleased to inform that Micar Innovation (Micar21) has been awarded a “European CIDIC Award”. ....

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23/04/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) has invitation for Pioneers'18 which will be held on May 24-25, 2018 in Vienna

Pioneers'18 which will be held on May 24-25, 2018 in Vienna - the ultimate meeting point for 2500 bold, pioneering entrepreneurs to look into the future and beyond. A global community of selected startups, executives and investors join forces under the roof of the 500-year-old Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna to redefine human tech frontiers.

21/04/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation - one of the top 20 startups on ThePitcher 2018

This year more than 970 startups from 20 different countries applied for The Pitcher 2018 event. The number of great ideas, extraordinary teams and unique pitch decks, which all applicants presented, pleasantly surprised and deeply inspired us. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to the finals. After a long and very difficult evaluation process, we are ready and very happy to announce the top 20 startups that will take by storm The Pitcher 2018 stage on April 21st. Meet The Pitcher 2018 TOP 20!

24/02/2018 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) is part of Consulting Cluster VERITAS

Consulting Cluster VERITAS: The success of high performance cluster is in large part, due to people forming quality relationships and networking to achieve results - a chemistry. These linkages are informal and are supported by more formal organizations, institutions. ....

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22/02/2018 Micar21

An Improvement of the Free Energy Perturbation (FEP+) Sampling Protocol in Case of Flexible protein Ligand Binding Sites

Recent improvements to free energy perturbation (FEP) calculations, especiallyFEP+, established their utility for pharmaceutical lead optimization. However, to dateFEP has typically been helpful only when (1) high-quality X-ray data is available and(2) the target protein does not undergo significant conformational changes. ....

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14/01/2018 Micar21

Prediction of Accurate Binding Modes using Combination of classical and accelerated Molecular dynamics and Free Energy Perturbation Calculations: An Application to Toxicity Studies

Estimating the correct binding modes of ligands in protein-ligand complexes is not only crucial in the drug discovery process, but also for elucidating potential toxicity mechanisms. In the current paper, we discuss and demonstrate a computational modelling protocol using the combination of docking, classical (cMD) and accelerated (aMD) molecular dynamics and free energy perturbation (FEP+ protocol) for identification of the binding modes of selected perfluorocarboxyl acids (PFCAs) in the PPARγ nuclear receptor ....

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31/10/2017 Micar21

Combination of Structural based Pharmacophore and Docking Virtual Screens: An Efficient Structure-based Protocol for Lead Identification

The structural and ligand base In silico screens are of great help during the drug discovery nowadays and their combination has been shown to provide better results than using a single approach ....

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17/10/2017 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) TOP 8 BioTech Award by Delta Ventures and the TOP 50 of the 2018 Startup World Cup & Summit Regional Finals!

Congratulation! We just chose your startup, Micar 21, into the competition Startup World Cup & Summit/ categorie: BioTech by Delta Ventures: Startup World Cup & Summit will take place on October 17th at Palác Lucerna and its unique surroundings.. ....

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27/09/2017 Micar21

Micar Innovation (Micar21) named Best Biotech Startup of the year 2017 in CEE - Bulgaria National Winners

On the 4th edition of the Central European Startup Awards finals, competition that includes national finalists from 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Micar Innovation (Micar21) was named Best Biotech Startup of the year in CEE - Bulgaria National Winners. ....

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19/02/2016 Micar21

PPARγ helix 12 exhibits an antagonist conformation

Although the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) is one of the most studied nuclear receptors (NR), it is still unknown whether its activation helix (helix 12, H12) could exhibit an antagonist conformation as previously demonstrated for most of the NRs. ....

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12/02/2016 Micar21

PPARγ non-covalent antagonists exhibit mutable binding modes with a similar free energy of binding: A case study

The structural and dynamical properties of PPARγ receptor in a complex with either partial or full agonists have been intensively studied but little is known about the receptor antagonistic conformation. A composition of microsecond accelerated molecular ....

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25/09/2015 Micar21

Try our outsourcing services!

To the end of March 2016 our company will provide outsourcing services that are not charged through the initial phase of any project! We offer three weeks evaluation period to our customers. During this period they can access our capability to realize the aim of the project, our qualification and how Micar21 meets these criteria. For future information don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your scientific or industrial project! ....

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09/09/2015 Micar21

New Publication! Molecular dynamics simulation of the human estrogen receptor alpha: contribution to the pharmacophore of the agonists

Human estrogen receptor alpha (View the MathML source) is one of the most studied targets for in silico screening of bioactive compounds. The estrogenic activity of a vast number of chemicals has been studied for their potentially adverse effects on the hormone regulation of the endocrine system ....

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03/07/2015 Micar21

New Publication! Structural and Dynamical Insight into PPARγ Antagonism: In silico Study of the Ligand-Receptor Interactions of non-Covalent Antagonists

A new paper has been published by the Micar21 team, which reveal, for the first time, how the famous PPARγ receptor looks in its antagonist form. This is an initial study of the PPARγ antagonist structure and a second, and more detail paper, is on the way to be published. ....

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16/04/2015 Micar21

New Publication! Activation helix orientation of estrogen receptor is mediated by receptor dimerization: evidence from molecular dynamics simulations (Apr. 2015)

In the recent years the nuclear receptors (NR) dynamics have been extensively studied by various approaches. However, the transition path of helix 12 (H12) to an agonist or an antagonist conformation and the exchange pathway between these states is not clear yet. A number of accelerated molecular dynamics (aMD) runs were performed on both an ERα monomer and a homodimer with a total length of 2.6 µs. ....

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10/02/2015 Micar21

New! A pioneering study focused on the prevention of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) among individuals with a sarcomere gene mutation (Feb. 2015)

A pioneering clinical study, published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology, once again raises the question: Why Should Cardiologists Consider Genetic Testing for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy? ....

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30/01/2015 Micar21

Micar 21 Ltd started to provide to our customers discovery of novel active substances for medicinal cosmetics development.

However, we also screen databases including natural chemicals extracted from plants. These are substances mainly from traditional Chinese and Indian medicine as well as many chemicals extracted from plants recognized as effective herbs in Africa, Europe and worldwide.

We offer solely new unique substances, which can be patented, tested and brought into new innovative medicinal cosmetic products....

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