25/09/2015 Micar21

Try our outsourcing services!

To the end of March 2016 our company will provide outsourcing services that are not charged through the initial phase of any project! We offer three weeks evaluation period to our customers. During this period they can access our capability to realize the aim of the project, our qualification and how Micar21 meets these criteria. For future information don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your scientific or industrial project!

Micar21 Ltd. provides broad range of outsourcing services, including but not limited to:

1) Lead optimization

It is not a secret that the lead optimization is the most expensive step in any drug design project. Thus, the prediction of the ligands affinity in the frame of about 1 kcal/mol is an important factor. To meat these standards our team provide state of art approaches based on Free Energy of Perturbation (FEP) method. The FEP method has been greatly improved for the last year and can be applied now to most of the industrial projects. It is also well known that the FEP is the most precise method that gather an information for both the ligand selectivity and in the case of drug resistance. The combination of the much improved force field and the speed up of the computations on GPU's are the core of the recent achievements of this precise method.

2) Change in stability and/or affinity introduced by point mutations.

Our team has a solid experience and have already assisted several scientific projects during the study of a concrete mutations that either destabilize or stabilize some protein. We provide not only an estimate about the free energy changes but also the structural and dynamical impact of any specified mutation. This is in a great help to many experimental groups, can speed up their projects and safe significant amount of the budget!

In addition to above mentioned areas we provide also consultations for large number of services that relate to the computational chemistry and biology. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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