We bring to the ordinary people advanced information obtained by high-end technology. Based on a DNA test, we can:

provide significant information about how an identified mutation alters protein structure and functions;
answer at a highly sufficient level the question whether it is a disease-causing mutation or not;
inform you whether existing drugs, if any, can influence your particular case (mutation);
propose experimental treatment and even natural products that might help physicians in case no approved drugs exist;
propose an individual project for each client;

This has implications for many bioinformatics prediction tools such as SIFT and PolyPhen, as these tools largely rely on residue conservation (i.e. whether one mutation is common to many species or not), limiting the use of conservation-based tools.

Thus, the current efforts of many scientific groups are focused on the development of new tools adding structural information to traditional bioinformatics predictions. However, these techniques are limited to simple descriptors which can save computational time. Instead, we suggest projects which are more time-consuming but tailored to each person,without any compromise of the accuracy.

Our approach combines all available methodologies and provides the best possible information about a certain mutation discovered in an individual.

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