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About Micar 21 Ltd.

Micar 21 Ltd. provides a wide variety of custom services, which range from in silico drug design to genetic screen analysis and other fields of biotechnology industries.
In order to meet the best standards, we use all commonly accepted approaches as well as those recently developed, including by our team. Thus we are not limited to a single methodology but we cover the most advanced techniques nowadays. For instance, for the genetic screen analysis we offer not only standard bioinformatics tools but employ much more precise and complex Molecular Dynamics methodologies, allowing us to investigate the identified mutations at a molecular level, i.e. mutations in concrete proteins that cause certain diseases.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best products at the most competitive prices. Given diverse options for most of our services, you are welcome to order the desired specific methodology along with all the relevant technical reports. We sincerely hope that our unremitting pursuits of excellence, success, and professionalism will be highly beneficial for your patients, research and development projects! Last but not least, we hope that our research will help ordinary people receive knowledge about the origin of their diseases and, consequently, the best therapy.

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